Savior of All Mankind

Savior of All Mankind

Jesus Christ is perfect –

today, the same as then.

Everything He’s said and done

is for the cause of men.

Prophesy of life and death,

fulfilled throughout His life.

In His perfection, covers sin,

His love to cover strife.

His chastening, His holy words,

His teaching of new law.

His healings and His cleansings

and all that people saw.

His fasting in the wilderness,

temptation overcome.

He turned water – into wine.

and healed the widow’s son.

He instituted sacrament.

Last supper – taught His friends.

He suffered in Gethsemane,

 then with a kiss – it ends.

Unjust, His trials, overnight.

Next day, His life be done.

Crucified upon the cross –

the devil thought he’d won.

He died before the Sabbath,

the temple curtain torn.

The darkness and the earthquakes –

nature so forlorn.

But death – no power ov’r Him,

 third day – He lives again.

First in resurrection –

this God whose free of sin.

And in Christ’s death and living,

He gives two gifts of love.

One – to live forever.

One – chance to live above.

He, alone, could seal the deed,

could change the course that binds,

by suffering for every sin –

this Savior of all mankind.


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