Songs to My Savior II

This second volume has within its pages a continuation of love and dedication to the Savior and to the Father of all Heaven. Included are more true stories put to verse and again poetry from the perspective of “inanimate” objects and living things that might not otherwise have a voice to praise the God and King of this world.

This Song to My Savior – is truly – MY SONG OF REDEEMING LOVE.

We believe that Christ will come again. Will we be ready for His return? You know it is JUST BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

How do we speak GOD’s name?

About the story of Heaven’s “waiting room”. Will I know MY LORD, MY GOD?

A true story I was allowed to publish as a poem – “…ONE OF MY CHILDREN…” tells of God’s great love for us, even when we feel we are unworthy of His love because of our actions.


This is one of my personal favorites – the CROSS’s view of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior.

We may not want to think of this – but Christ is truly the SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND, whether they accept Him as their Savior or not.

Another Favorite of mine: Only one person who has ever lived on earth, ONLY MARY had to live with the knowledge that when Christ was crucified, she lost a child and her Savior at the same time



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