“…One of my Children…”

“…One of my Children…”

One rushed and tired afternoon

I watched my children play.

They being more mischievous

than any normal day.

A patient mother, am I,

who knew that Father sent

from heaven, spirit siblings

to me on earth, to rent.

To raise and guide with caring;

to teach, reprove with love;

that they’d return to Father

in heaven up above.

This day, my trial difficult;

two daughters, quite the cost.

I found myself in turmoil

and soon, my patience lost.

They tempted me by fighting

and into things, they got;

frustrated and bewildered,

I spanked the closest tot.

Immediately, my heart sank;

I calmed and comfort gave.

The moment passed so quickly;

she soon was back at play.

So ashamed of what I’d done;

convinced that God was too,

I went into my bedroom

and knelt, repent to do.

“How can you ‘ere forgive me.”

I said in humble prayer.

“for what I’ve done unto your own –

one of your children here.”

Then calmly, very clearly,

He touched my heart so blue.

“You are,” my Father told me,

“One of my children too.”


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