Just Before Midnight

Just Before Midnight

Just before midnight a newborn awakes;

an empty stomach is all that it takes.

A schedule is set, all will be right.

Patience pays off as he sleeps through the night.

Just before midnight, good nights are said;

to find a toddler asleep in your bed.

Away down the hall, tip toes are made

to a room with a night light and bear on the shade.

Just before midnight, the hour is late;

awaiting a daughter home from a date.

With special permission what is the harm,

to spend the whole evening with him at the prom.

Just before midnight, the décor is set;

new year’s ambitions, goals to be met.

Promises made, we hope we will keep;

all good intentions; we sow what we reap.

Just before midnight, this last day of earth;

the bridegroom is coming – a promise of worth.

We, with our lamps, have put oil in store.

Is it enough, or will we need more?

D&C 45: 56, 57


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