The Christmas Visit

The Christmas Visit

Copyright 2006 by

by J. E. Larsen

On the twenty fourth day of December,

as midnight was drawing nigh;

my Christmas rush was over,

I gave a well earned sigh.

Carefully wrapped were the presents,

now sitting beneath the tree.

Each with a bow and a ribbon,

looking most fashionably.

The tree itself – stood there glowing,

never mattered if fake or if real.

With specially chosen ornaments

to give it such great appeal.

On the fireplace mantle were stockings,

each hung there with loving care,

and waiting for Santa’s visit,

to be filled by him with flair.

All of the decorations

we had placed throughout the house

were cheery and ever festive –

down to the little Yule mouse.

Now, it was very quiet,

the children asleep in their beds.

Each dreaming of Christmas morning

with visions of toys in their heads.

I said “good night” to my sweetheart

who, moments ago, left the room.

My eyelids were growing heavy,

I’d be going to bed very soon.

I sat and I gazed at the Christmas tree,

thinking of gifts I’d receive.

I must have briefly nodded off,

Eyes opened to what I believed.

Santa was there, by the stockings,

having come down the chimney black.

Out of his bag, he brought presents

to each stocking, he filled with no lack.

He turned around and he saw me,

eyes twinkling as he stood there.

So peaceful, I felt in his presence;

I knew I had nary a care.

I glanced around at the trimmings,

each perfectly set in its place.

Then, suddenly, everything vanished

and again, I looked at his face.

His eyes glowed with love everlasting;

his whiskers, no longer were gray.

The Santa I knew as a child,

I saw was changing away.

His boots, I saw become sandals;

his coat, a robe, crimson red.

His garments became a tan tunic;

his hat, a thorn ring round his head.

He looked quite a bit thinner,

though, still a little robust.

Around him, a aura of giving

as someone I knew I could trust.

And then, to me, understanding

came flooding from heaven above.

The reason we celebrate Christmas,

are two gifts that were given with love.

The first – the newborn Savior,

who was sent to redeem those on earth

by a loving Heavenly Father.

His gift given us at Christ’s birth.

And then, the greatest gift of all –

no presents we give, can compare.

Our loving Savior died for us;

the pains of my sins, He would bear.

The clock on the mantle chimed midnight.

I awoke to find all as it was.

I smiled a smile of awareness,

and got up from my chair, then I paused.

As Christians, we believe we give presents,

for the wise men gave gifts to the king.

Not of gold or myrrh or frankincense,

but more modern and chic do we bring.

Then, I heard the soft jingling of sleigh bells,

and heard Santa exclaim “He is real.”

Christ, the Savior, was born – or – so long ago,

but His spirit remains with us still.


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